Our jackets have care instructions on their labels provided by the manufacturers, and these instructions are correct for the garment itself. However, embroidery is different from the underlying garment. The following information has been provided by the company who embroiders our jackets and hats.



All embroidered articles should be laundered with neutral laundering agents. Strong detergents which contain optical brighteners or bleaching agents such as chlorine, peroxide or sodium carbonate can cause discoloration.

Machine embroidered goods should be washed separately. Do not pack embroidered garments tightly in washing machines, leave them soaking in water, or in piles of wet clothing. Rinse embroidered garments in cold water immediately after washing making certain that no residue remains. We do not recommend wringing embroidered goods. In order to remove all residue, we recommend rinsing embroidered garments in lukewarm water and then rinsing in cold water several times until rinse water is clear. Stain removers may damage the color and consistency of the embroidery thread especially when scrubbed by hand or with a brush.



Use low temperature setting when ironing. Cover the embroidered item with a towel and iron it lightly from the back side.


Dry Cleaning:

Embroidery may be dry cleaned. However, extreme care should be exercised when dry cleaning embroidery. Special care must be taken when shades of red or orange are used due to dye methods used to produce these colors.